2024 Lamborghini Revuelto First Look Review: A Raging Bull Of Firsts

The manner in which all of this comes together is quite remarkable. The front motors are capable of electric torque vectoring (another first for Lamborghini), and when in its purely electric mode, the Revuelto becomes something alien to Lambo supercars: silent, and front-wheel drive. When required in this mode, the third electric motor will lend a helping hand and occasionally direct power to the rear wheels. The two front motors also provide reversing, but if more traction is needed when going backwards, the rear electric motor will once again kick in.

To meet the new powertrain’s demands, the eight-speed transmission uses a wet double clutch, and the new eighth ratio optimizes efficiency and drivability when on the highway. A continuous downshifting feature can drop down multiple gears when braking using the left paddle.

Because of the unique layout and multiple electric motors, Lamborghini says that the car has up to 13 different driving experiences. Citta is the most efficient mode, with power limited to just 180 horses, and Corsa is the most extreme mode that unleashes the full 1,001 hp. The rear wing can also be positioned according to the driving mode or can be set manually. It can aid with creating minimum resistance in electric mode for economy, or provide more stability at high speeds in low drag position, for example.

But to ensure that it also corners with the precision expected of it, the car has four-wheel steering, stiffer anti-roll bars, and a 4% larger front footprint (compared to the Ultimae). Stoppers are Carbon Ceramic Brakes Plys with ten-piston front calipers and four-piston calipers at the back, along with larger brake discs than on the Ultimae.

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