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Commercial transport is under pressure to decarbonise, and quickly. Rising fuel costs are eating away at operators’ already thin margins while looming emissions targets threaten financial penalties for non-compliance. Considerable investment and manpower is directed towards new aerodynamic cab designs and battery electric propulsion, but this is only half the story—literally. Behind almost every tractor is a trailer, and it’s here that Range Energy hopes to revolutionise the industry.

The Silicon Valley start-up is developing electrified trailers that work with both diesel and electric vehicles. With the former they promise significant fuel savings—roughly 40%. When used with the latter, they boost battery range. It’s a solution designed to offer both near- and long-term benefits as the industry steadily moves towards an electric future.

It’s still early days for Range, which is currently testing prototypes but hopes to have a handful of powered 53-foot trailers in customer hands running test pilots by the end of 2023. Founder and Chief Executive Ali Javidan  brings extensive experience at some big name mobility pioneers—including Tesla, Google and Zoox—and a passionate drive to not only create game-changing technology but also a ground-breaking company.

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