☄️ XRP NEXT MAJOR PIVOT POINT! ☄️ for BITSTAMP:XRPUSD by Rocksorgate - market news today - Market - Public News Time

☄️ Please check this idea out even if it’s only for a few seconds, thank you and let’s get to the point!

☄️ Basically XRP is at it’s next pivot point now and any minute or hour now we could see things start to pick up speed in one direction or the other. We’re at that middle point following an impulse wave up by which trading turns to sideways tug a war type trading with both sides fighting.

☄️ As we know though, only one team can win the tug a war in the end and it’ll be dramatic no doubt. Both teams have been fighting hard to fight or lose that 200 EMA with no avail yet. We’ve tested 0.526 multiple multiple times already and with all these retests it’s unlikely that things are going to keep treading sideways. Below is a 3 minute chart depicting a lot of retests for visual readers.

☄️ 0.5456 is still acting as a strong resistance whence trying to break up to 0.55 and above so that should be kept in mind should we start trending back up. With regards to trending down and losing that 200 EMA if it does happen please use my 0.526 support mark for reference. We break below that and we’ll likely continue down further by which 0.492 is my next support point being way below.

☄️ Chances are we won’t go down that far if we do lose the 200
EMA but we have also had a huge surge in price the past few days so it wouldn’t be surprising if a mountain fall started and kicked us down to that level again. Regardless to keep things short I want you guys to keep in mind that it’s very likely the next major pivot is going to take place soon so please keep an eye and trade responsibly.

☄️ None of this is financial advice per usual, simply my take and observations of stuff which I share best as I can whenever I can. Thank you so much for everything and wishing everybody a blessed day. Thank you.

~ Rock ‘

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