✴️ Ethereum Major Bullish Development | $3,400 to $3,800 Next! for COINBASE:ETHUSDT by AlanSantana

We talk about an “orthodox top” and “orthodox end” to a bull and bear market, this obviously needs more context but let me show you an example.

The Cryptocurrency “orthodox end” of the bear market happened June 2022, at the capitulation low.

Notice here the second biggest Cryptocurrency, the biggest Altcoin, ended its bear market at the June 2022 low.

No lower low in November 2022 and this is quite a nice revealing fact.

But I opened this chart to show you something else, some classic signals.

✔️ Last week ETHUSDT wicked below EMA10 and closed above it.

Producing multiple bullish signals.

✔️ The trading volume was decreasing as the correction intensified.

✔️ The trading volume is now increasing as the bulls resume growing.

Now, the signal that I wanted to show you is EMA50.

✔️ This week Ethereum is trading to close above EMA50. This session closes in 8 hours.

This would be the first time that Ethereum trades above this level weekly and this open the doors for long-term growth.

Ethereum can move to $3,400 easy and reach even $3,800 or more on this bullish wave.

Never bet against Crypto.

Always bet in favor of Bitcoin / Ethereum .

We are set to grow even more in the coming weeks and months.


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