BTC – Pump in December ? for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by KoDPrey

I don’t know if anyone will buy what I drew above, but I have a strange feeling that there will be a PUMP in December :D. Mainly because Christmas is coming, you will have to spend the rest of the money and where to put the leftovers. Why not in Bitcoin? Ehhh, I guess I’ll hold on to my LONGS though. Apart from technical analysis , psychology and market sentiment are also important. Maybe I am wrong, it is not known. Certainly don’t take this as financial advice.

Honestly, this man has had enough of we fall over 340 days: D. How long can you do that? This is just overkill.

Honestly, we have had enough, because we have been falling for over 340 days :D. How long can you do that? This is just overkill :D.

As COVID responded, I thought it was over. People are dying, the stock market will collapse, we will reap 10 years from this. Suddenly, however, I heard an interview on TV with Lukashenka from Belarus and he said to the reporter “do you see some COVID here? I don’t” – and he went to play ice hockey full of people…

Then the war in Ukraine came and I decided to buy some gold . Now I have a lot of gold at home and, as usual, I bought it wrong, because I panicked on TOP :D. Ehh …. life …

Since everything has already gone down 100% from ATH, maybe I’ll keep these LONGS on good projects? What do you think? However, I am a bit worried about Ethereum because somehow it did not fall as much as in the previous cycle.

Binance coin grew much faster and it does not want to fall anymore. It’s actually strange that Binance has grown so quickly. Ehh … maybe after the last 340 days of bear market I got too suspicious :D

Take care!

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