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Hello to all my friends, first of all I want to apologize because I have not been there for a while… I was checking the market and I read the opinion of many friends that all of them are only paying attention to the relative power index error… you see, friends, it is not like this point in many places. If you pay attention to some indicators, you should look deeper. First of all, if an indicator, no matter how popular, doesn’t give the right answer somewhere, put it aside… Now let’s pay attention to my view of the market. If you pay attention, the gold market had a good fall and the dollar index also increased If you noticed that the S&P500 and NDX did not fall much compared to gold itself, this indicates that people took their funds out of gold , so that they might invest in riskier markets such as stocks and… anyway. The crypto market is not really related to these stories, and on the other hand, by checking the option markets, you can see that there are big purchases and big sales at the price of 27,000 to 30,000 bitcoins , which are done by the market giants. You can also see the monthly weapons of Bit in the area of 0.5 Fibo and 0.618, it shows the price of 27000 to 31000, which is not far in terms of The price or time correction should not always be deep, sometimes it can be temporary and superficial, but Bado was careful about the price movements in these areas because there is a possibility of falling to the 21700 and 20000 area…. This is my view, friends, and a deal. There is no future and… you have to do the mortar according to your own analysis… good luck.


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