How the Crypto market is controlled!! (Artificial Intelligence) for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by chevs710

How we know the crypto market is controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This becomes evident when you study the cycles and patterns in market behaviour. For example Friday 8pm it turns off for the weekend, leaving just retail investors left, hence why the volume is always lower on weekends. The AI wakes up again Sunday evening, 6pm EST. Bringing back the volume and with it either a pump or dump. Again, it’s evident when observing the 56-58 day cycle low. These patterns couldn’t possibly occur without a force controlling and influencing the market.

It’s highly unlikely, likely that everyone invested in cryptocurrencies sells at the same time or buys at the same time in order to dump or pump the market.

In order for the market to maintain equilibrium, there has to be a governing force that is able to stabilize and control it. The influence this has on the market is the ability to liquidate shorts or longs, as well as pump the pockets of the elite and institutions, banks and corporations.

The AI will automatically make trades that are beneficial to those that created it and control it. It will exchange various new world order coins in order to control the market and to strike fear into the heart of the retail investors. So many people are liquidated by it in order to remove public interest, so the real gains can be made by those with governance.

By utilizing the same systems that have been around since the beginning of time (Astrology, lunar cycles, numbers and dates) the AI is able to plot its coordinates to create cycles and patterns that are there for interpretation. This is how I’ve been able to make calls months in advance by understanding these ritualistic cycles

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