My current level of development 20/3/2023 for FOREXCOM:AUDUSD by FX_ArteezZ

### My Current level of development — 20 March 2023

– When I come to this point, I no longer obsess with what tool I’m about to use in analyzing the market. I use whatever is suitable and best to use in that particular given scenario. The market is dynamic, it’s constantly changing, the situation you see now will be different you see yesterday, so you choose what tools is best fits to the current scenario based on where the price is, what the price did in the past, and what is given/presented by the market.

For example, sometimes I use supply & demand , sometimes I use support & resistance ( SMC way), sometimes I use IMB , sometimes I refer back to the NWOG/NDOG, sometimes I don’t give a fuck as I think it’s irrelevant. How do I know when and which tool to be use? That is what you have to learn to master, that is the skill and experience.

– Also, I no longer needing a specific set of criteria to guide my entry, I set my entry and SL at a level that I feel comfortable about, I don’t restrict myself to only trade when specific criteria has been met, for the same reason, every moment in the market is unique. I make use of all orders type for entry, limit orders, stops order (rarely), market execution, I use it whenever I feel comfortable using it.

– I do these because I have found my key to consistency, I know the tools or the “criteria” is not my final piece for getting consistent result, the real key lies within the thought process, it’s the consistency in the way I think that lead to consistency result.

– Let me give you an example, when I say I have a consistent way of putting a SL but when people look at my trade record, it seems so vary. Sometimes, I use 3 pips SL, sometimes I use 10 pips or even 15 pips, sometimes it’s below structural low sometimes it’s in the middle or sometimes it’s below the body but not the wick. It seems so inconsistent, if you don’t know what I’m thinking you will not find any relation between these price level to put my SL, you just can’t figure it out, it’s impossible to find the similarity of these SL level through looking clue from the chart. You can’t, why? Because there is NO CONSISTENCY IN THE CHART.

HAHAHAHHAHAHA, you hear me, yes, you can’t see any consistency from the chart because is no consistency in there, so of course you can’t find it.

What you think I’m lying to you? Do you think I can produce a consistent result without having a consistent way in determining my SL? Definitely no, so where is the consistency lies? Here, it’s within my mind.

All my Stop Loss is taken in according to ONE SINGLE RULE, which is where I believe price will NEVER revisit if I’m right. That is the consistency, that is what I always stick to that produce a repeatable outcome.

– And now you feel me, now you have a better understanding of my level of discretionary is different from other traders. I make use of 100% of my mind (conscious and subconscious mind) when it comes to trading. To my level, those rigid rules are only going to restrict me, I don’t need those rules to guide me, I trust my intuition and my guts feeling, I let my feeling, the small little voice inside of me guide me what to do. Well, most traders can’t do this, because when they try they will find themselves start trading recklessly or being hesitated due to fear, they need rules to keep them trading on track (correctly), they need rules to keep themselves from doing stupid things, they need rules to stay on the lane so they can trade in their flow state.

I don’t need rules to make myself to trade in the flow state or in the zone. I completely flow with the market. I come to a state of oneness with the market, you don’t feel any feeling of separation anymore when it comes to this stage, there is no me or the market, the market is me and I am the market. — This is my current level of development. =)

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