Strong bulls and no bears, gold trend is expected next week! for OANDA:XAUUSD by Short-term-king

During the US stock trading session, gold rose sharply due to the sentiment of the banking crisis in Europe and the United States, and finally closed at US 1988.3 per ounce.Judging from the current strong bullish energy of bulls, the bullish sentiment of retail investors is high, so gold still has room to rise.

On Friday, gold still rose after the shock, and continued to expand its gains, thus touching the vicinity of 1937. The rally still failed to slow down. After the correction of the shock above, it failed to form a downward trend. Instead, it took advantage of the situation to continue to go up the high line, breaking multiple resistance in a row, but in the process of rising, it fell slightly after reaching the 1987 dollar line.After the rally went higher, the short-term high was suppressed, but the trend structure failed to change, and there is still some room for the increase to rise.

In the short term, it is not easy to guess the top. Before reaching the key layout stage, it is not easy to participate against the trend. The short-term structure is still strong. Take advantage of the trend and wait for the opportunity to step back and go long while not chasing the high.If there is a large pullback, then another shorting plan will be laid out.After maintaining a high level for a short period of time, the volatility is still higher after the correction, and the bulls are still strong, breaking through the previous high of 1960, so the current increase trend structure is still a strong trend.Short-term expectations are temporarily suspended.

In terms of the layout of gold next week, we should first look at the decline. The 2000 integer mark has a certain pressure. Yesterday, the US market touched near 1990 and then fell below the shadow line. The market rebounded again in the future. The upward trend is still under pressure. At present, with the closing situation on Friday, the short-term high of the closing line at the end of the week is expected to withdraw again. First look at the fall and then look at the rebound.In general, the short-term bullish trend around the strong link remains unchanged, and the gold operation thinking next week will still be based on low and bullish .

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