XAUUSD Bullish Trading Plan, with previous analysis linked for OANDA:XAUUSD by DemoDiaryFX_Trading

XAUUSD Bullish Trading Plan, with previous analysis linked in Related Ideas

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🔹IL = impulse leg. Inside of IL we can usually see inside structure, which is secondary in nature, like a market noise, unless you trade it on LTF, as it’s own IL.

🔹ph, pl = protected high or low, which holds current structural impulse.

🔹bos = break of structure . Based on candle body close below/above previous structural impulse.

🔹rsz, rdz = refined supply and demand zones. Specific areas to look for LTF confirmations. They are manipulative up-moves before real down moves, or vice versa. Strong hands (the Composite Man, as Wyckoff called it) often come back to such zones to close their manipulative orders at breakeven, before pushing prices further. If body closes outside of the zone, in most cases it will mean the cancellation of the setup.

🔹if ltf confirms = entry only if there’s a shift of structure on lower TF inside of rsz or rdz, or any other type of backtested and approved confirmation.

🔹liq target = liquidity target: next profit taking levels for strong hands, our main targets based on current price action.

☝️Disclaimer: ALL ideas here are for EDUCATIONAL and MARKETING purposes only, not a financial advice, NOT A SIGNAL. I share my view on the market and search for like-minded traders. YOUR TRADES ARE YOUR COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY. Everything here should be treated as trading in a simulated environment.

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