Chef shares cold water trick that gives ‘perfect’ dippy eggs every single time

A chef has shared their method for making runny dippy eggs every single time and claims the trick is all in timing and using cold water really does make a big difference

Getting runny dippy eggs every time is a challenge (stock photo)

If you love tucking into a dippy egg for breakfast of a weekend, dunking toast into the runny yolk, but struggle to get them just right, you’ll want to keep on reading.

That’s because the cooking experts over at HelloFresh have shared their top tips for making the perfect dippy eggs.

Speaking to The Daily Star, they claim that it’s all to do with timings – and cold water.

No one wants to crack open their dippy egg to find it hard inside, so how do we avoid this breakfast devastation?

Chefs from HelloFresh explained: “Some people put the eggs into boiling water, but did you know that if you add the egg into cold water and then place it on the heat, you’ve got a higher chance of being able to control the outcome?

How do you like your eggs?


Hello Fresh)

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“You just need to put the egg in cold water and then bring it to the boil. Once it’s boiling – the bubbles should be bursting at the surface of the water – take it off the heat and cover the top with a lid.”

They then shared a chart with different yolks and suggest you choose the one you want for your egg, leaving it in the hot water for the amount of time indicated on the chart.

Once it’s had its time, you then place it into very cold water and peel the shell off and it “should be perfect every time”.

According to the chart, extra runny eggs with a partially set yolk take two minutes while a fully set egg and runny yolk takes four minutes.

Those who prefer a jammy yolk and set white should aim for six minutes and an almost hard-boiled egg will take eight minutes.

The chefs also shared their recommendations for how to ‘spice up’ your dippy eggs.

They suggest adding some dukkah, saying: “You can also spice up your boiled eggs by sprinkling on some dukkah along with your salt and pepper, finely chopping some chives and sprinkle them on top.

“If you like it really spicy you can always sprinkle on some chilli flakes.”

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