Need New Friends? Online Communities Offer Women Ways to Connect

If you’ve recently moved or have taken a look around your current social circle with mild contempt, you may need to branch out. With the rise of online communities, it is easier than ever to find a place that feels like home.  Source: Unsplash

Online Communities Dedicated to Making Friends

There are online communities that specialize in connecting women throughout the UK. These groups can take place virtually, or you can schedule meetups like coffee dates, cinema viewings, or even find a travel buddy.

Facebook groups are a place to start with specific groups geared towards interests, similarities, or location. Examples include Make New Friends in Leeds, Indian Women in London, and UK Sock Knitting.

Meetup is another website filled with specific groups for making friends. The International Friends Collective hosts online events for chatting and meeting people. Another group out of London is called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They host online events for friend speed dating. You can join activity groups such as Cardiff Draw and Chat Group, Manchester I Like Good Music But My Friends Don’t Group, and Yoga Hikes.

Other options are websites such as Together Friends or The City Girl Network. These offer a safe space to allow like-minded women to chat and schedule meet-ups in groups or one on one. Both of these groups began in the UK and have dedicated groups for various cities and towns.

Need New Friends? Online Communities Offer Women Ways to Connect - News - Public News Time

Source: Unsplash

Join a Gaming Community

The great thing about online gaming is there are thousands of games to choose from with thousands of players looking to connect. There are fantasy world-building games, community-oriented live bingo games, and competitive brain busters.

Fantasy games to play online are World of Warcraft, Rocket League, Minecraft, and Second Life. These allow you to enter a virtual space and meet players from all over the world and yes, women play fantasy games, too.

For a community-oriented event in real-time, consider online bingo games. Games include Celtic Charm, Cash Cubes, Funky Pharaoh, Penny Bingo, and the Treasure Box Kingdom. Each live game has a monitor and a community of people throughout the UK, offering a great space to connect with new friends and share a laugh.

To compete with players virtually in a go-of-wits, try brain-buster games such as Words With Friends, Chess with Friends, and QuizUp. There are also virtual puzzle-style board games at Tabletopia such as word puzzle Paperback and detective game Noir.

Need New Friends? Online Communities Offer Women Ways to Connect - News - Public News Time

Source: Unsplash

Join An Online Book Club

Before you roll your eyes and think book clubs are only for stuffy Jane Austen types, think again. Spicy romance novels are just one example of genres taking the internet by storm and online book clubs are cropping up for women to enjoy them together, such as The Spicy Reader, Books and Booze, and Spice Up Your Life.

Online book clubs can be found by genre, book, location, and keyword. If mystery is more your thing, Thrillers by the Bookclub Online is currently reading “The Last Housewife.” Or maybe you’re obsessed with soap operas – try the Soap Star Memoir Book Club where they are currently reading “I’ll Be Damned” by Eric Braeden.

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