Question Time Audience Delivers A Damning Verdict On The Government’s Migrant Crackdown

The government’s plan to stop asylum seekers crossing the English Channel in small boats was given the thumbs-down by this week’s Question Time audience.

Asked how many of them supported Rishi Sunak’s approach, not a single person put their hand up.

It came after a heated debate on the government’s plan to house refugees in disused military bases, ferries and even barges before deporting them to Rwanda.

Ministers have said the aim is to make coming to the UK less attractive so the immigrants are less likely to attempt the perilous journey.

But one audience member said: “If I was an asylum seeker looking to cross the Channel, I would be more concerned about drowning.

“These people are willing to risk their life. I wouldn’t give a damn about going to Rwanda. I’d be more concerned about the risk of crossing the Channel in a small dinghy.”

Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce then said: “The government is pursuing this policy in the belief that it is popular with the electorate, and so far what we’ve heard is pretty universal criticism of it.

″Is there anyone here who supports what the government is doing?

“I see loads of hands going down.”

The presenter then pressed defence minister Andrew Murrison on the government’s approach to the issue.

She said: “Andrew, I have to say, when I asked for support I didn’t see an awful lot.

“The gentleman here said you’ve been in power for 13 years, when’s it going to get better?”

The minister said: “It’s a fair call, but it’s a pan-European problem. You go to every country in Europe, you’ll get a similar story.”

To applause from the audience, Fiona Bruce said: “But you’re not in government for them, you’re in government for here. What are you going to do about here?”

Murrison replied: “It sets the context and it explains the complexity of the situation.

“We’ve got to stop the boats, we’ve got to get people out of hotels. It’s completely unsatisfactory.”

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