Cloud leader GlobalDots reports major challenges in enterprise tech adoption –

Your workplace has almost certainly integrated some sort of new technology into your company’s workflow over the last couple of years. It’s likely that the individual or team responsible for selecting that new technology had to invest a lot of time in the decision-making process.

With all types of organizations dependent on technology more than ever, the constant adoption of innovation is no longer a luxury. To simply keep pace with the competition in today’s fast-paced and competitive digital landscape, businesses need to always be on the lookout for new and innovative solutions. Current market conditions put mounting pressure on IT and security leaders to show high ROI for innovative technologies. Navigating those challenges is even more challenging considering IT teams are short staffed and suffering from lack of time and expertise.

To this point, cloud innovation leader GlobalDots conducted an all-encompassing survey on the state of tech adoption among businesses from various sectors. The recently unveiled results of the survey were compiled and analyzed in GlobalDots’s 2022 State of Innovation Adoption report. The key findings in the report focus on the challenges that organizations experience when buying innovative tech products and the benefits of partnering with third party experts to assist with purchasing decisions. To this point, the report showed 92 percent of survey respondents admitted they encounter challenges when buying solutions related to cloud, web, and security.

“We are living in an age of abundance when it comes to tech solutions for organizations, and this makes researching and purchasing the right solutions for your organization extremely challenging,” said Yuval Rachlin, CEO of GlobalDots.

GlobalDots’s report investigated how organizations went about finding support for their purchasing decisions. Conferences, exhibitions, and online events served as companies’ top source of information for making purchasing decisions, at 52 percent. Third-party solutions, such as value-added resellers and consultancies, came in second place at 48 percent. Some 54 percent of respondents reported already using third parties to purchase, implement, or support their solutions, highlighting the value dedicated experts with in-depth knowledge of every solution across a wide range of IT fields provide.

The survey’s respondents consisted of 200 director to C-level employees from DevOps, IT, security and engineering departments to provide detailed insights on tech trends and the adoption of innovative technological solutions. Respondents were recruited through a global B2B research panel, with 66 percent from the E.U., 24 percent from the U.K., and 10 percent from the U.S. Thirty-two percent of respondents came from the software and gaming industries, while the rest came from a wide mix of other industries including healthcare, telecom, and banking.

As a 20-year web and cloud innovation leader, GlobalDots is dedicated to providing the best innovations for businesses amid an ever-changing climate of challenges and threats. GlobalDots is vendor agnostic and has a team of trust advisors with over 100 innovative solutions delivering proven ROI.

With experience in managing complex architectures, more than 1,000 global businesses, including industry leaders such as Lufthansa, Playtika, AppsFlyer, Wix and Paypal, trust GlobalDots as a leading cloud innovation partner, connecting them with the foremost cloud and web technology. Through holistic, customizable solutions, GlobalDots provides companies with impactful professional services and technology by analyzing its tech stacks and finding gaps and vulnerabilities in tandem with internal operations.

“At GlobalDots, we are the trusted third-party experts helping companies who may feel overwhelmed with all the available solutions, working with them to find the best solutions for their entire tech stack,” said CEO Yuval Rachlin.

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