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Putin ‘doesn’t care’ about mistress and ‘avoided her’ after pregnancy news

Vladimir Putin is believed to have at least two kids with Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 39, who has been slapped with sanctions since the Russian tyrant invaded Ukraine in February

Vladimir Putin has brushed off his expectant lover Alina Kabaeva after news of her pregnancy

Vladimir Putin “brushed off” his expectant lover after news of her pregnancy emerged last week, it has been claimed by a Russian source.

The tyrant is said to have at least two children with Olympic gold medal gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 39, and reports last week suggested she had another on the way.

The despot was said to have looked “depressed” when he heard the news, according to a post on a Telegram channel allegedly run by a foreign Russian intelligence agent.

Both Alina and Putin’s ex-wife Lyudmila Ocheretnaya have been targeted in an attempt to strip Putin of his wealth – which is allegedly kept among his nearest and dearest.

But targeting two of his former lovers had no impact on the Russian president, who took news of the sanctions “calmly”.

Putin ‘doesn’t care’ about ex-wife Lyudmila Ocheretnaya, the channel claims



A post on the General SVR Telegram reads: “He doesn’t care about his ex-wife, he’s been indifferent to her for a long time, and the president’s relationship with Alina Kabaeva has recently been difficult to call perfect, and this is despite the recent news about Alina’s pregnancy.

“Putin clearly did not prepare to become a father again and Kabaeva’s unplanned pregnancy puzzled him more than pleased him.

“After he found out that he would have another child, he practically did not communicate with Alina, avoiding meetings and spending time together, justifying the loss of interest in state affairs.

“On her thirty-ninth birthday on May 12, Kabaeva received formal congratulations and a gift from Putin only in the afternoon and this upset her very much, despite the fact that the president underwent a surgical procedure the next night and was not up to the celebration.

Kabaeva is said to have at least two children with the Russian president


Sport Express/east2west news)

“Against this background, he took British sanctions against Kabaeva and her grandmother, according to eyewitnesses, philosophically and practically did not speak out about it.

“In general, relatives and relatives, since the beginning of the war, for the most part, burden Putin and cause him unnecessary troubles and inconvenience, starting with the eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova, who in the midst of the war asked her father to give her the opportunity to celebrate her birthday in the company of a new boyfriend on the shore of the bay in a friendly country and ending with the unplanned pregnancy of his common-law wife Alina Kabaeva, with whom, by the way, Putin got married quite a long time ago.”

Vladimir Putin’s two adult daughters are among the most closely guarded secrets of the Kremlin, and his grandchildren are even more of a mystery.

Kabaeva was an Olympic gymnast


Will Stewart <[email protected]>)

The Russian leader has given thousands of interviews over the years but one in the summer of 2017 promised to allow “unparalleled access” to the man it described as the most controversial, dangerous, powerful and influential man in the world.

The televised interviews by Oliver Stone were aired over four nights in the USA and although dodging some of the more tricky questions, a healthy and jovial Putin appeared to speak candidly inside the Kremlin.

In one direct question, Mr Stone asks: “Are you a grandfather yet?” And Putin says yes and nods, he is then asked if he is a good granddad and does he play with them in the garden

Putin replies: “Very seldomly.”

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