Why Buy a TV: 5 Unusual Ways to Use a Gadget

Why buy a TV if you haven’t watched any shows or news for a long time? There are many answers to this question because this technique has long ceased to perform only the classic functionality – its capabilities are much wider. Therefore, the TV can become an assistant in everyday life, rather than an object that plays movies in the background.


In 2016, Insight ONE shared a statistic that said the average age of video game players is 33. 45% of players are married or married; and 19% hold executive positions. There are games created specifically for adults. Slots at an online casino for real money or Cyberpunk 2077 are great examples here. So don’t believe anyone who claims that games are for kids. Gaming allows you to get rid of stress, be entertained, and generally make evenings more varied. A good TV will help you immerse yourself in the game as much as possible and become the center of attraction during meetings with friends.

Home Theater

Many people prefer to use projectors, so that the screen is larger, but the real cinephiles choose all the same quality. For those who care about the most realistic and detailed picture, the LG OLED R TV will do. Its screen is equipped with self-luminous pixels, which provide a perfect image of black, better detail in shadows, as well as rich colors and cool contrast.

But this isn’t the only advantage of the TV – the OLED R screen is so thin that it can roll up and fit into a compact audio system box. That means you don’t need a separate room for your home theater – take your kids’ movie nights in the nursery, have romantic weekends in the bedroom, and gather friends to watch sports matches in the living room. And afterwards, press a button and put the TV away until the next session.


A healthy lifestyle is in vogue today. And it’s not just about regular fitness and healthy habits. People are looking for ways to make sports a part of everyday life – and online programs are helping. Put a YouTube workout on your screen and start your morning with an exercise routine, do one-on-one yoga with your teacher, and use a clock and timer to keep track of your timing. By the way, you don’t need to turn the TV all the way around for the latter – you can use linear mode, when only a third of the screen is engaged.


Typically, audiophiles buy an impressive size audio system and place speakers across the room to create surround sound. In the OLED R, everything is hidden in a compact box along with the screen – but despite the size, the sound of the system is ready to compete with good movie theaters. Kevlar membranes allow you to feel the vibrations, and Dolby Atmos technology does not mix sounds together, but reproduces each one independently, creating literally three-dimensional, surround sound.

And you don’t have to use the screen to listen to music, it can be in a collapsed state and take up minimal space in your interior.

Home Gallery

If you didn’t have time to buy a painting at Sotheby’s, but really want to see it in your interior – use the “Gallery” mode in OLED R. You can display any art, as well as your favorite photos.

Moreover, you can complement the space with animation. For example, the imitation of burning wood will easily turn the TV into a biofire, which, of course, won’t warm, but will add warmth to the interior.

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