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Career Cushioning Is The ‘Recession-Ready’ Work Trend People Are Loving Right Now

Forget quiet-quitting, if you’re enjoying your job it might be time to prepare a career cushion.

Let us explain – with a new bout of redundancies hitting our headlines every day and a recession predicted by the Bank of England, you might be worrying about your job security.

Enter career cushioning – a new work trend doing the rounds on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Career expert Catherine Fisher has defined the trend as “taking actions to keep your options open and cushioning for whatever comes next in the economy and job market. Think of it like an insurance policy to set yourself up for success.”

You might have heard of ‘cushioning’ before in the dating world – when you explore lots of different new dating options while you’re still in a relationship to ‘cushion’ the pain of a break up (regardless of whether you’re on the receiving end of one).

‘Career cushioning’ is the work equivalent of it – and it’s easy to see why people are digging the idea of having back up options in case their company goes under or they are let go.

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