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Golden retriever grabs toy off noisy dog sibling in hilarious video: “done”

A golden retriever was forced to intervene after growing tired of his younger dog sibling’s noisy antics around the house.

In a video watched over 13.9 million times on TikTok, Buxton the dog can be seen wearily getting up from his owner’s couch to deal with his sister, Pivot, who was dashing around the room with a squeaky toy between her teeth.

“When big brother has had enough of your zoomies and squeaky toy,” an on-screen caption read. In the clip, Buxton can be seen slowly approaching the energetic Pivot before gradually wrestling the squeaky toy from her chops.

The message was clear: playtime is over. The hilarious footage, posted under the handle buxtonandpivotgr, can be watched here.

It’s a video that highlights the effects aging can have on our four-legged friends.

It’s often said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That’s not necessarily true, but research has shown it can take senior canines longer to learn new things.

The way aging affects cognitive ability in dogs was showcased in a study conducted by the Clever Dog Lab of the Messerli Research Institute at the Vetmeduni Vienna.

The research, which was published in the journal Age, saw a team of behavior scientists study dogs of different ages while they used a specially designed touchscreen computer.

In the first part of the test the canines were required to learn to correctly choose four from a total of eight abstract pictures shown on the touch screen. The dogs were shown two pictures at a time, one of which had a positive association.

Dogs touching this picture were rewarded with a food treat. The other picture had a negative association and offered no reward. The four positive images were presented in different combinations with the negative ones and threw up some interesting results.

The older dogs were found to require more trials than the younger ones before they solved the task correctly. Older dogs were also shown to be less flexible in their way of thinking during the test.

However, older dogs did test better in some circumstances. During a second test, the canines were presented with two pictures, one of which was entirely new while the second was one of the images that had a negative association from the previous test.

In this case, the dogs were tasked with identifying the wrong (negative) image. The older canines fared better in this portion of the experiment, with researchers concluding older dogs had a more fixed view on what they had learned before.

In the case of Buxton and Pivot, it appears the more senior dog has a pretty set idea of what they should be doing in and around their owner’s couch—and it doesn’t involve zoomies or squeaky toys.

While Pivot is eager to play in much the same way she would out in the yard, Buxton has learned his owners would probably prefer to keep this a little more sedate indoors.

The golden retriever’s approach at dealing with Pivot proved a source of much amusement on social media with fans posting comments poking fun at the way he was able to shut things down.

Johnanthony1597 commented: “You’re done, you’re done” with lauren11993 writing: “you can have the toy or you can have the zoomies not both.” Gabriella.17 said it was almost as if Buxton told Pivot “I’m gonna need to take this” as he grabbed the toy off her with nerdy_over30 imagining him saying “that’s quite enough of that.”

Jessica Pilkington loved the way Buxton appeared to initially be on the fence about taking the toy but “then there was one final squeak and he said, okay no that’s it.” Pnetherly, meanwhile, was in awe of “the way he got up and walked with authority” with Sunslave123 comparing it to a mom telling their noisy kid “give me that thing now, do not make me yell at you.”

Newsweek has contacted Buxton and Pivot’s owner for comment.

File image of a golden retriever and a puppy dog – footage of an older canine laying down the law to his younger sibling is proving a source of much amusement online.
Sharon Gucker/Getty

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