Which parts of Norway will see a white Christmas this year?

Weather alerts have already been issued in several places in the country.

“Right now, there is a cold wave on its way that will spread across all of Scandinavia, as well as large parts of Europe,” the on-duty meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute, Martin Grannerød, told the news bureau NTB on Wednesday.

The cold wave is caused by cool air masses heading south from the Arctic.

“We can say that it will create a bit of a Christmas atmosphere. There are several places where there could be some snow in the next few days,” the meteorologist added.

Weather alerts

Grannerød says that several weather-related danger warnings have been issued in connection with the incoming cold snap.

“A yellow danger warning for snow has been issued for the area north of Stad and the whole of Nordland. In these areas, somewhere between 20 and 30 centimetres of snow may fall in the next 24 hours,” he added.

A yellow alert for snowy weather has also been issued for eastern Finnmark.

“In addition to the snowy weather, strong winds are expected in this area. This can often lead to poor visibility on the roads,” Grannerød warned.

Sub-zero temperatures

In several of Norway’s largest cities, the temperatures may drop to -10 degrees Celsius over the next few days.

“It will be coldest in Tromsø and Trondheim. There, conditions will be dry, and the temperature will drop, especially at night,” he warned.

It will not be as cold in Bergen.

“It won’t be as cold in Bergen. They will experience temperatures more in line with the winter, but they may even experience a glimmer of sunshine,” he noted.

Cold weather is also expected in eastern Norway and the capital.

“The temperature will probably drop to -10 degrees Celsius there as well. Some precipitation is expected there, and when the temperature is that low, there will be snow.”

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